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Project Experience

At Hydrophase, Inc., we have successfully completed several projects and expanded our areas of expertise within the fields of hydrogeology and environmental science. Take a look at our examples below to learn more about our work and what we can do for you.

  • Hydrophase coordinated wellhead protection planning for the nine major public water suppliers in Franklin and Dearborn Counties in southeastern Indiana. The effort included site inspections, delineation of aquifer source water areas, coordinating meetings for management and contingency planning, addressing regulatory review comments, and obtaining approvals for Phase I and Phase II Wellhead Protection Plans. We have also been retained to prepare wellhead protection plans for numerous other public water suppliers throughout Indiana.

  • We developed a drilling and pumping program to test an aquifer's ability to sustain the needs of a proposed industrial plant, estimated at 16 million gallons per day, in southwestern Indiana.

  • An engineering company headquartered in Terre Haute, Indiana retained Hydrophase to conduct permeability tests on private wells, and research well log and published data to evaluate the feasibility of developing municipal wellfields for small town clients.

  • We analyzed aquifer drawdowns to evaluate interference between high capacity (municipal or industrial) and residential wells at Lapel (through Poggemeyer Design Group) and Crawfordsville (through National Water Services), in Indiana.

  • A city in Morgan County, Indiana retained Hydrophase on two separate occasions: to research favorable locations for siting a new wellfield; and to oversee a drilling program for evaluating the development potential on a property that could be acquired by the city.
  • We conducted a review of the potential impact by proposed zoning change to groundwater quality near a municipal wellfield in central Indiana.
  • Hydrophase was retained as a subcontractor by an engineering firm headquartered in Indianapolis to conduct an investigation of surface water and groundwater resources that could potentially be used as potable water supplies for a town in Lake County, Indiana. The possibility (using Modflow) of using an infiltration trench in a shallow aquifer to supplement existing water resources was also assessed.

  • A city in Putnam County, Indiana, retained Hydrophase on two projects to oversee test pumping and analysis for an additional wellfield. The first project involved an exploratory drilling program and 72-hour pump test to determine aquifer sustainability. Monitoring and test wells were installed, and the test well was pumped at a rate believed to be somewhat in excess of what was needed, to provide a margin of safety in production. During the second project, a pump test was conducted to determine whether GWUDI (Groundwater Under the Direct Influence of surface water) conditions existed, or could be created during pumping. To investigate this question, analysis was conducted on bacteriological, drawdown, temperature, pH and other data from the test.

  • We evaluated the potential for development of additional municipal production wells in the limestone aquifer used by the City of Greensburg, Indiana, and recommended favorable locations for additional wells (through National Water Services).

  •   We investigated a favorable location for an additional well at a manufacturing plant in Logansport, Indiana that resulted in a doubling of production potential. Additional exploration for irrigation wells (in both sand/gravel and bedrock) was conducted after the drought of 2012.