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Risk Potential

Water resources have been elemental for the survival of human society since the beginning. Because of its complex glacial history, much of this resource in the Midwest comes from groundwater. For potable uses, groundwater requires less treatment than surface water, and is less vulnerable to contamination. On the other side of the coin, groundwater is much more expensive to clean up, once it has been impacted by contaminants. As is shown in the generalized diagram, surface and ground waters are linked together in the never-ending hydrologic cycle.

Factors to Consider

The potential for contaminant releases at sites such as fuel stations, industrial plants, and waste disposal facilities, is well-known and regulated. There is little chance that well-managed sites will have a release of contaminants into the environment. The potential for environmental impact from other facilities varies, depending on the type and quantities of chemicals stored, best management practices being followed, the site's location, hydrogeology, history and other factors.

Our Assessments

Phase I Environmental Assessments are a standard means of inspecting a property to determine the potential for environmental liabilities and to protect the buyer. Sometimes, a Phase II is requested as a follow-up to physically sample soil and/or groundwater at a property. Contact us at the phone number below for more information.

Hydrology Block Model